Banpresto New Figures in March 2021

|25/10, 2020

Banpresto New Figures in March 2021

Anime figures from Banpresto due to be released March 2021. Send us an e-mail if you would like to pre-order any of the products and enjoy a 5% discount. You can also sign up for a stock alert e-mail when your favoured item is available. Just click on the link or search for the item and go to its product page where you can choose to be notified when it's available. Note though that you won't receive the discount this way. Many nice things are coming! Make sure to check them out!

Edward Newgate DXF The Grandline Men Vol. 9

Kozuki Hiyori Ver. A Glitter&Glamours

Eustass Kid Worst Generation Vol.2

Monkey D. Luffy II Maximatic

Tamaki Amajiki The Amazing Heroes Vol.11

Izuku Midoriya Q Posket

Super Sailor Neptune Ver.A Q Posket

Super Sailor Uranus Ver.A Q Posket

Tanjiro Kamado II Ver.A Q Posket

Nezuko Kamado Vibration Stars

Mitsuri Kanroji Vol.13

Lion King: Servant

SS Vegeta Grandista Manga Dimensions

SS Goku Son Goku FES!! Vol.12

Kid Goku Son Goku FES!! Vol.12

SS Vegeta Final Flash!

Bulma Ver.A Q Posket

Goku & Flying Nimbus Ver.A

Goku & Flying Nimbus Ver.B

SS 4 Gogeta Choujin Giga

Vegito Legends Collab

Diablo Otherworlder Vol.3

Shizu Otherworlder Vol.3

Gen Asagiri Figure of Stone World

Cosmo Memoir Dragon Shiryu