Banana Fish Statue and ring style: Ash Lynx

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Beräknat releasedatum: 2023-06
Artikelnummer: 7986
Storlek: 27 cm
Karaktär: Ash Lynx
Franchise: Banana Fish
Leverantör: FREEing
Skala: 1:7
Material: PVC, ABS

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 Product Description

From "BANANA FISH" comes a rerelease of the Statue and ring style: Ash Lynx scale figure! He's been recreated in elegant formal wear. His natural air of refinement is on full display. Ash's hand strokes through his hair while he holds a single rose behind his back. The ribbon on the rose and his coattails gently float in the wind, making it appear as though Ash is really there.

 Box Contents

  • Ash Lynx figure
  • Special hand part