Dissidia Final Fantasy, Terra, PLAY ARTS -KAI- Figure

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Artikelnummer: 1014
Leverantör: SQUARE ENIX
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Produktinfo / Product info:

One of the most popular of the many female characters of the FINAL FANTASY series, Terra is one of the main characters of “FINAL FANTASY VI.” Starting with her facial expression and hair and extending down to the beautiful clothing and accessories, this figure has been moulded and decorated with immaculate detail.
Terra has charmed the players of FF Dissidia with her cute innocence… and now you can take her home. She is fully articulated, and her cloak can be posed to look as though it were flowing in the wind.

Size: 24 cm
Tillverkare/ Manufacturer: SQUARE ENIX
Material: PVC
Release date: 2019
Obs: Produkten är avsedd för vuxna samlare och bör förvaras utom räckhåll från små barn då det kan finnas vassa kanter samt lösa delar som man kan sätta i halsen. PVC är en av de vanligaste plasterna men har fått kritik för att vara hälsoskadlig och miljöfarlig. Figur och fot ska källsorteras som plast.
Disclaimer: Choking hazard. This product is meant for adult collectors and should be kept out of reach of small children, since it can contain sharp edges and loose parts. PVC is one of the most commonly used plastics but have received critique for being dangerous to the environment as well as a potential health hazard. Recycle figure and stand as plastic waste.