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Preorder & non in-stock items

Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding pre-orders and goods with 1-2 weeks delivery.

On my preorder it says that the release date is this month, but why have I not heard anything??

The release date we state is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) our suppliers have provided us with and is therefore the estimated time when they are expected to receive the product. This can be at any time during the month as it is difficult to give an exact date for each single product. Then it takes about 1-2 weeks before we in our turn receive the product. So if the goods arrives at our supplier at the end of the month, we will not have it until the beginning to middle of the next month. Should we be notified of bigger delays than that, we will update the release date on the product page. If you have waited longer than so and have not heard anything, and no new release date has been set, you should of course contact us so that we can see that nothing has gone wrong.

I have ordered several preorders with different release dates (/and in-stock items) in the same order. When are the products going to be shipped??

We will ship all the products together when the last one has arrived if the release dates are within 3 months of each other. If you want us to send them asap when one arrives, we will charge you a shipping fee per shipment. If the release dates are more than 3 months apart, we will most likely ask for a shipping fee per item so that we can send them separately. Our warehouse does not have the capacity to keep products for customers for that long.

In order for you to avoid unwanted hassle, we recommend this:

1.     Do not combine in-stock items and pre-order items in the same order.

2.     Do not combine preorder items that have release dates more than 3 months apart in the same order.

This ensures that you get your goods faster without unexpected extra shipping fees.

I have chosen "get first, pay later" via Klarna for my preorder. Should I wait to pay until I have received the item??

As this is a preorder, payment is to be made before you receive the product. The payment must therefore be completed before the due date expires on your invoice from Klarna. However, regarding in stock goods you can utilise the service of paying after receiving your order, but for pre-ordered goods, it is difficult to offer that service.

How do I know if the release date for my preorder has been postponed??

The release date for each preorder product is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) that has been provided by our suppliers. At the end of each month, we check the products that were estimated to have arrived that month. If a product's ETA has been postponed, we will change the release date on the product page so that you who have pre-ordered can go to our website and see for yourself if there have been any delays. We do not have a good system that can notify you as a buyer directly if delays occur, but feel free to write to us if it has taken longer than stated on the product page, or regarding other questions that you have not found an answer to in this FAQ.

How and when do I pay the remaining payment for my preorder?

When a preorder item arrives, we will send you an email and announce that it's in stock together with a request for remaining payment of 80% of the product value ( if you have not chosen to pay 100% from the beginning). You can pay by following the link in the email that will transport you to our website. Add the product that shows upp to your shopping cart and complete the payment in check-out. If you have more preorders in the same order, we will ask for the payment for each product as they come, not collected when all have arrived.

Shipping & delivery

Below you will find common questions about shipping and delivery.

I want the product shipped to another person and address, how do I do it?

You can fill in your name and address in check-out, and then immediately send an email to us stating your order number and that you want the order sent to someone else, as well as that person's name, address and mobile number. The telephone number is needed so that the carrier can notify when the package can be picked up from the postal agent.

I have placed a preorder but will change address in the near future. How do I make sure that I get my package?

Write to us and let us know when you are about to or have moved and we will change the address of the order.

Which shipping company will handle the shipment of my order?

We use Postnord for most orders, yet the transporting company might change midway to some countries where Postnord do not have any service. For bigger packages we sometimes choose to use DHL instead. We reserve the right to freely do so, but no extra charge is added to your order.

My package has been stolen outside my door. Do I get compensation?

Neither we nor the transport company are responsible for shipments after they have been delivered at your door. 

I have made several orders and thereby paid several shipping fees. Will I be compensated if the orders are shipped together??

You will receive a discount code per e -mail of the same value as the excess shipping cost that you can use in a future purchase.

Returns & warranty issues

Below you will find frequently asked questions about regretted purchases and warranty complaints.

 I have regretted my purchase of in-stock goods. How do I return it and what do I get refunded?

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal as long as the product's packaging remains unopened. Please note that you must contact us before sending the goods back and within 14 days from receiving the shipment. As the product is from our own stock, we refund 100% of the product's value after receiving it again and checking that it is undamaged and unopened. It is therefore important that you pack it at least as well as when you received it, as we reserve the right to deduct the refund due to lost product value. We do not refund already charged shipping and you are responsible for the return shipping. You can tell that it is in-stock goods by the green "In stock" tag. We can not accept returns for products that have been opened. Read more here.

What happens if I regret my preorder?

We will refund 80% of the product value and any shipping costs if we have not yet sent the item to you. However, we keep 20% of the product value as a processing fee to cover part of our costs for ordering the product for you. We can not send regretted purchases back to our supplier and get the goods credited, hence the fee. Also note that you can not regret the purchase after you have broken the packaging. Read more here.

What do I do if there is a problem with my product?

Please write to us as soon as you discover the error. Small defects can always occur, so send a picture so that we and our supplier can determine if the problem is serious enough that a replacement product is required. More info can be found here.

Stock status

Below you will find frequently asked questions about stock and arrival dates.

Why does it say arrival week under an "in stock" item?

To make the administrative burden a little lighter for us, we sometimes mark goods that are still on their way from our supplier as "In stock". In order for our customers to know that the product, despite the "in-stock" tag, can take a little longer to deliver, we write arrival week on the product page.

Why are some goods listed as "1-2 weeks" delivery?

Items with the tag "1-2 weeks" are items that we do not have in stock, but are in stock at on of our suppliers. To save on unnecessary shipping, we collect all such orders and have them shipped them from the supplier once or twice a week. As a result, it may take a few extra days before you receive your order. We check our suppliers' stock balance weekly, but despite this, an item may turn out to be sold out after you have placed your order. We will of course contact you in that case and refund your purchase.

Other questions

Below you will find other frequently asked questions.

Is Ediya Shop part of VOEC? (Norwegian VAT on E-commerce)

No, unfortunately not yet. However, our website tool automatically deducts Swedish VAT at check-out, so you do not have to pay for that. But when the shipment arrives in Norway, you may have to pay Norwegian customs, import VAT and processing fees that we are not responsible for, so include this in the calculations before you shop.