Girls' Frontline PA-15 ~Larkspur's Allure~

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Artikelnummer: 2399
Storlek: 18 cm
Karaktär: PA-15
Franchise: Girls' Frontline
Leverantör: Phat Company
Skala: 1:6
Material: PVC, ABS

 Product Description

From the popular smartphone game "Girls' Frontline" comes a 1/6th scale figure of the Handgun T-Doll PA-15! She's been recreated in the heavily damaged version of her Larkspur's Allure outfit made in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Her gorgeous cheongsam has been faithfully recreated in its damaged state. The boldly revealing slits of her socks show off her thighs and more. The figure also features an charming, somewhat bewildered expression different from her usual appearance. Be sure to add her to your collection!

 Box Contents

  • PA-15 figure
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