VOEC - Norwegian VAT on e-commerce

From 2023-10-01 Ediya Shop is signed up for the Norwegian VOEC (VAT on e-commerce) system.  This means that Norwegian VAT (25%) will be added to the product price so you don't have to worry about import VAT and customs when the goods arrive in Norway. 

However, VOEC only applies when a single item is valued less than 3000 NOK. If the item's value is higher than 3000 NOK, tolls might still be added when the goods goes through Norwegian customs. 

If Norwegian customs charges you double VAT for an item valued 3000 NOK and higher, please contact us and provide your order number and a copy of the receipt or invoice from Norwegian customs. Then we will refund the double VAT amount. 

VOEC applies to orders placed after 2023-10-01. For orders placed prior to that date, no VAT will be added by us. 

Examples where VOEC applies or not

Example 1:

Item "A" – 1600kr
Item "B" – 1600kr
Both products are valued less than 3000 NOK, and are therefor regulated by VOEC. 


Example 2:

Item "A" – 1600kr
Item "B" – 3200kr
Because some of the items in this order are less than 3000kr, VOEC applies for those items. 


Example 3

Item "A" – 3500kr
Since there is only one item in the order and the price is higher than 3000kr, VOEC does not apply.