Armored Core 4 Algebra Soluh Barbaroi 1/72 Scale Model Kit

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-07
    Artikelnummer: 14303
    Storlek: 19 cm
    Karaktär: Barbaroi
    Leverantör: Kotobukiya
    Material: Plastic
    Typ: Plastic Model Kit

     Product Description

    A mecha that ranked at the top of Kotobukiya’s model kit development survey has arrived! From ARMORED CORE 4, BARBAROI, the beloved NEXT of the Irregular Amazigh, the Desert Wolf of the Maghrib Liberation Front, finally joins the plastic model kit lineup. Based on the standard NEXT from ALGEBRA, SOLUH, this unit has been fully recreated with all-new sculpted parts, with the exception of the core, so users can enjoy its stylish form.

    A variety of accessories are included, such as MBURUCUYA (shotgun), ACACIA (assault rifle), and MP-O200 (scatter missile). The ACACIA (assault rifle) has been recreated with a detachable magazine and the MP-O200 (scatter missile) is articulated so that it can be deployed or retracted. A decal of Amazigh's emblem is also included, perfect for modelers who enjoy painting their kits.

    The kit also comes with dedicated parts to use with MECHANICAL BASE FLYING3 (sold separately), allowing users recreate the dynamic, high-mobility battle scenes that lightweight mechas are known for.

     Box Contents

    • Pieces to build
      • Barbaroi mecha
      • Mburucuya shotgun
      • Acacia assault rifle
      • MP-O200 scatter missile
    • Parts for use with Mechanical Base Flying 3 (sold separately)
    • Decal sheet
    • Instructions
    Frequently Asked Questions