Hexa Gear Bulkarm Glanz 1/24 Scale Model Kit (Rerelease)

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-07
    Artikelnummer: 14541
    Storlek: 18 cm
    Karaktär: Bulkarm Glanz
    Leverantör: Kotobukiya
    Skala: 1:24
    Material: Plastic
    Typ: Plastic Model Kit

     Product Description

    Classified as a “2.5-gen” unit, Bulkarm Glanz was not developed by M.S.G, the developer of the Bulkarm series, but by Maxwell Gears, an outside third-party company.The unit encapsulates the designer's perfect image and the goal of the second generation to reach the limits of humanoid heavy units, regardless of its capabilities as a weapon. With numerous ambitious technologies installed, a few units were actually produced and some were even placed in the battlefield.One of its design features is that it achieved high mobility and maneuverability despite being a biped. This was done by reducing weight at the cost of defense and incorporating assistance wheels to improve maneuverability. However, considering the outcome being that mobility was better achieved by wheels than walking, it can be said that this ultimately contributed to the demise of the second generation. Nonetheless, the system converter first introduced in this unit was later implemented as a standard feature of third-gen ZOATEX HEXA GEAR units, making it a significant achievement in the history of HEXA GEAR development. A new technology developed by BMI Glamsight called BMI, short for “brain-machine interface,” was also experimentally implemented. Although some issues remained, this technology allowed the unit to achieve high-precision manipulator (limb) control, which included freely handling equipment regardless of connection type, enabling more human-like movements. Standard weapons include a rifle and small built-in laser cutter,which are not exactly powerful weapons. However, HEXA GEAR units are not designed to be deployed alone. Like humans, the units' characteristics are greatly modified by external equipment and devices. As an aside, the designer has declared himself to be a genuine fan of classical comic books, and the outer design of the HEXA GEAR greatly reflects this fact. As a result, reports on unit testing stated that the design was overly hobbyist in nature and unsuitable for real combat.

     Box Contents

    • Pieces to build 
      • Bulkarm Glanz 
      • Rifle
      • Shield
      • 3 Pairs of hands
      • Assist wheel attachment parts
    • Archive card
    • Instructions
    Frequently Asked Questions