Original Character Nishiza-san Illustration by Nishizawa

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2023-07
    Artikelnummer: 7998
    Storlek: 18 cm
    Karaktär: Nishiza-san
    Leverantör: Hakoiri Musume Inc
    Skala: 1:6
    Material: PVC, ABS

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Product Description

    The virtual YouTuber Nishiza-san illustrated by Ms. Nishizawa 5mm will come into the figure market by 1/6 scale finally!!

    HAKOIRI MUSUME Inc. announces to launch the 1/6 scaled pre-painted figure of "Nishiza-san illustration by Nishizawa 5mm" estimated on Mar. of 2023.

    Ms. Nishizawa 5mm is one of the most famous illustrators in SNS field with over 730 thousand twitter followers since her works of illustrations and comics are making a buzz on Twitter. When she released her own photos on the announcement of her first book, fans were enormously excited about "Is Nishizawa 5mm a girl?". It is easy-to-follow responses because her favorite taste of characters in the works are the one-track minded "Pushy girl" moreover so cute and with big hooters.

    Nishiza-san who is always exploding her "Downright delusion" is the one whom Ms. Nishizawa 5mm's virtual YouTuber and also the avatar of herself. We have reproduced Nishiza-san is being active in YouTube as Ms. Nishizawa 5mm by 1/6 scale. If Nishiza-san was embodied when Ms. Nishizawa 5mm is drawing using LCD tablet, her body modeled under such concept is truly depicted her illustration so that she is so enchanting and voluptuous!

    Even if excluded her body proportion, she has still a lot of enjoy points as fine modeling of tight knitwear, translucency of panty hoses, mischievous face, or etc. Don't miss it!

     Box Contents

    • Nishiza-san figure