(18+) Creators Opinion Mayuka: Yukata Ver.

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Artikelnummer: 7715
Storlek: 39 cm
Karaktär: Mayuka
Leverantör: BINDing
Skala: 1:4
Material: PVC, ABS

 Product Description

Featuring Mibunatuki's work of a Yukata donning beauty!

"Mayuka", a beauty in a yukata illustrated by Mibunatsuki, made into a big scale figure.
Smiling while lifting up her yukata, the seductive but adorable Mayuka has been reproduced.

From the nape of her neck to her breast, the lines of Mayuka's body,
and her beautiful flickering black hair;
You'll be drawn-in wanting to touch those delicate legs within a moment of notice.

The undressable Yukata and Obi are of original designs.
Mayuka's underwear will also leave you a lasting impression.

Please spend a wonderful summer night with Mayuka.

 Box Contents

  • Mayuka figure
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