(18+) Creators Opinion Niina Bunny Ver.

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Artikelnummer: 6521
Storlek: 33 cm
Karaktär: Niina
Leverantör: BINDing
Skala: 1:4
Material: PVC, ABS

 Product Description

Prominent illustrator kakao has personally provided us Niina for an original bunny girl figure.

Niina's almond-shaped eyes are one of her charming points but for this opportunity we borrowed Niina for a bunny get-up. At first, she seems difficult to approach, but once you get on her good side she'll turn into a cute and honest rabbit. There's no doubt that she was envisioned to infuse both Tsun & Dere, to fill the void and cracks of our maidenless hearts. I wonder if she's dual wielding those carrots for today's meal.. perhaps? As per standard, Niina is a 1/4 scale figure but her tights this time are made out of pro-environment materials!

Please spend a thousand year voyage with Niina in your fantasies, imagining all sorts of situation with her!

 Box Contents

  • Niina figure
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