【18+】Original Character Blue Panda Coffee by Henriita

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-10
    Artikelnummer: 14519
    Storlek: 19 cm
    Karaktär: Blue Panda Coffee
    Leverantör: Hotvenus
    Skala: 1:6
    Material: PVC, ABS

     Product Description

    "Ah!! A Wild Succoco Spotted!" oekakizuki's Original Character "Succuco" is here!

    HOTVENUS presents, an Original Character of the popular illustrator, oekakizuki.
    Introduced as a 1/4 scale figure!

    "I did it! I finally catched Succuco!"

    oekakizuki's style of illustrating sensational boobs and thighs are have been reproduced to its perfection.
    Enormous titties sandwiched between arms and glutinous thighs gobbled up by white tights are to die for.

    "You really think that I can resist such erotic body and clothes?! Of Course NOT!"

    Enjoy Succuco's tiddies in both exposed and unexposed states.
    Her panties are also detachable.

    "What, that wistful face ... Wanna go another round?"
    Succuco: "... Wait! Wait! Don't just grab me by the tail!"

    2 face parts will be available,
    One with a misanthropic expression and a cheeky expression with her vampire tooth coming out.

    Other notables such as syntehthic fur serving as her floor base, devilish horns, wings and tail, and a skimpy bikini-like outfit.

    Please welcome Succuco, cute with a sullen expression, by your side!

     Box Contents

    • Blue Panda Coffee figure
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