【18+】The Girl's Secret Delusion #3 by Amamitsuki

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-11
    Artikelnummer: 15518
    Storlek: 25 cm
    Karaktär: The Girl's Secret Delusion
    Leverantör: Magic Bullet(s)
    Skala: 1:6
    Material: PVC, ABS

     Product Description

    "I wonder what face your other self is making right now?"

    Mousou Himegoto Shoujo 3 (The Girl's Secret Delusion #3)

    The theme is using a girl's concealed face or alter ego and beautifully expressing her absurdly obscene behavior.
    This is the third installment of a figure series pertaining to character stereotypes conceptualized by a talented illustrator.

    A girl in uniform emulates a secret act with convoluted emotions while standing inside a private room.
    The disarray of her clothes did not tarnish the wonderful style of the original illustration, and the figure design was made through repeated research into garment formation without compensation.
    All the gold buttons on the blazer are made up of different parts. For the wrinkles of the knit and the material of the tie, we try to improve the details as much as possible at present.
    In particular, this enhances the character's sense of reality by adding "a spoon of realism" to the clothes' formation and structuring.

    Similar to its predecessors, this product has more different parts.
    Please create your own story by rearranging the different parts.
    (Facial Expression Parts 2 Types, Lower Body Parts 2 Types, Left Hand Parts Matching with Lower Body 2 Types)

    The base is a customized mold based on the "The Girl's Secret Delusion #2" Japanese-style sensor-type flushing model.
    The addition of wall parts further enhances the image of being in a secluded private room.

    Character design was done by an illustrator extremely popular in our company projects and who we take pride in, Amamitsuki.
    In charge of sculpting was the same sculptor of "The Girl's Secret Delusion #2", Koushi Manju.
    Eimi Hoshina, who has worked on many of our company's figures, is in charge of the paintwork.
    Please take a look at the girl's defenseless appearance and plunge into the "voyeuristic sense of transgression."

     Box Contents

    • The Girl's Secret Delusion figure
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