Disney Campsite Series D-Stage DS-144 Chip & Dale

  • 549 SEK

Beräknat releasedatum: 2025-06
Artikelnummer: 19297
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  • Storlek: 10 cm
    Karaktär: Chip & Dale
    Franchise: Disney
    Leverantör: Beast Kingdom Toys
    Material: Plastic

    Have you heard of Gamping? That's right, mix camping and glamour and you get a fun way to spend a high-end time with your friends, so let's let's pack your bags, join Mickey and his gang and lets go Glamping! Are you ready to join the adventure?

    Beast Kingdom's "Staging Your Dreams" D-Stage diorama collection is introducing a new camping series
    featuring classic Disney characters. These vividly designed collectibles showcase the characters in various cute poses, bringing the 360-degree camping scene to life. The series consists of four styles, and each character is equipped with different camping gear.

    Mickey is in charge of the barbecue this time, and he's bringing along a luxurious camper to the camping
    site. Minnie and Pluto are bringing cute and small tents along with picnic mats, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere at the campsite. Chip and Dale are perfect for the super cute Mongolian style tent, and Dale is even bringing two large pinecones to decorate. Chip eagerly eyes the marshmallows in his hands, ready to roast them! Goofy and Donald Duck are enjoying the cool breeze and the camping atmosphere.

    The entire set of collectibles can be combined to create a large camping ground! Fans who love Disney and glamorous camping rejoice; this is a unique collection not to be missed this summer! Collect all sets and create an entire scene today!

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