Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion Play Arts Kai Zack Fair Soldier 1St Class

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Artikelnummer: 10771
Storlek: 27 cm
Karaktär: Zack Fair
Franchise: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion
Produktserie: Play Arts Kai
Leverantör: Square Enix
Material: Plastic

 Product Description

Zack Fair, the protagonist of CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION, returns to the PLAY ARTS KAI line in his SOLDIER 1st Class attire!

The 1st Class SOLDIER’s bright and dependable expression, sturdy physique, and distinctive hairstyle are instantly recognizable from his days as a seasoned fighter. The costume was sculpted so that the metallic texture of the shoulder and midsection armor, along with the contrasting wrinkled soft texture of the knitwear and trousers, could each be distinctly felt. The included Buster Sword can be held in his hand or carried on his back, allowing for the recreation of various scenes, whether depicting Zack in battle or standing.

 Box Contents

  • Zack Fair figure
  • 7 Alternate hands
  • Buster sword
  • Display stand
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