Frame Arms Girl Gourai-Kai with Exosuit Gourai Model Kit Set

  • 1 499 SEK

Artikelnummer: 14376
Storlek: 22 cm
Karaktär: Gourai-Kai
Leverantör: Kotobukiya
Material: Plastic
Typ: Plastic Model Kit

 Product Description

A new proposal to the Frame Arms Girl and Frame Arms series, the EXOSUIT UNIT! By combining the Frame Arms Girl, Frame Arms, and Exosuit Unit, users can have a Frame Arms Girl model wear an exoskeleton power suit! This product is a set that consists of the Exosuit Unit, FRAME ARMS GIRL GOURAI-KAI Ver.2, and TYPE32MODEL1 GOU-RAI. The Exosuit Unit consists of connection points to attach a Frame Arms unit's arms and legs, a waist mount and back arm for a Frame Arms Girl to sit on, a leg rest, and control arms.

 Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Gourai-Kai
    • Type32Model1 Gou-rai
    • Exosuit Unit
  • Gun holding hand parts (FA Hand 2)
  • Decals
  • Display base
  • Instructions
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