Mobile Fighter G Gundam Gundam Universe GF-13-017 NJ Shining Gundam

  • 499 SEK

Artikelnummer: 10681
Storlek: 15 cm
Karaktär: Shining Gundam
Franchise: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Produktserie: Gundam Universe
Material: Plastic

 Product Description

SHINING GUNDAM joins the GUNDAM UNIVERSE series. It can be displayed in "normal" or "battle" mode, and includes numerous accessories
to let you re-create your favorite scenes -- such as the Shining Finger attack!

 Box Contents

  • Shining Gundam figure
  • Pair of optional hands
  • Optional face part
  • Shining Finger right hand
  • Beam Sword blade set
  • Tamashii stage connector joint
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