Nendoroid Doll Mouse King: Noix

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2023-06
    Artikelnummer: 7508
    Storlek: 14 cm
    Karaktär: Mouse King
    Produktserie: Nendoroid Doll
    Leverantör: Good Smile Company
    Material: Plastic, Fabric, Magnets

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Nendoroid Doll series of palm-sized action figures feature the same heads as standard Nendoroids, but alternate doll-like bodies that are highly articulated and can easily be dressed-up into different outfits! The original character “Mouse King: Noix” is a slightly timid and gentle character. The head part of the Nendoroid can easily be switched with previously released Nendoroids allowing you to dress-up your favorite characters in an all new outfit!

    *Skin tone of this Nendoroid Doll is a special color to match that of the original character.

    • Box Contents

      • Mouse King: Noix figure
      • Crown
      • Sash
      • Top
      • Slacks
      • Boots (with magnets in soles) 
      • White glove hand parts 
        • Pointing hands
        • Closed hands
      • Magnetic base
      • Articulated stand