Shadows House Prisma Wing Kate & Emilico

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2025-02
    Artikelnummer: 14274
    Storlek: 43 cm
    Karaktär: Kate & Emilico
    Franchise: Shadows House
    Produktserie: Prisma Wing
    Leverantör: Prime 1 Studio
    Skala: 1:7
    Material: PVC, ABS

     Product Description

    In a grand and dark mansion, the inhabitants of the Shadow House are attended to by their Living Doll partners who endlessly clean the soot their masters emit. Step into the daily life of "Shadow House," the TV anime that depicts the mysterious world of "shadows" and "dolls." This magnificent 1/7 scale figure features the protagonists, Emilico and Kate!

    With a Möbius loop-like spiral staircase and a large mirror that connects their worlds, this elaborate diorama figure set beautifully captures the essence of the first season's openings and endings, bringing the world of Shadow House to life.

    Every detail, from Kate's red, rose hair accessory and white-frilled dress to Emilico's blue ribbon and her doll companion, Rolly, in her pocket, is carefully crafted to match the characters' appearance in the series. Enjoy their mirrored positions, reminiscent of a playing card, adding to the fun and charm of the set.

    Surrounding the duo, you'll find familiar items such as the "Unthinking notebook" with flipped pages, the handy broom, the toppling flower vase, and the smiling "scorches". Each item is neatly designed, allowing you to relive various memorable scenes.

    Embrace the heartwarming bond between Emilico and Kate and immerse yourself in the captivating world of gothic mystery!

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     Box Contents

    • Kate & Emilico figure
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