The Girls of Armament Kina Ookami

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-09
    Artikelnummer: 15827
    Storlek: 28 cm
    Karaktär: Kina Ookami
    Leverantör: i8 Toys
    Skala: 1:8
    Material: Plastic

     Product Description

    Her ability as a Yaksha is hyperspeed.It violates other SENSHIs with rapid movement.Playful, she enjoys torture against slow enemies.The twins have opposite personalities, but their teamwork is perfect.

    When the twins join together, they are called "Kamaitachi"

    i8Toys and Gharliera have teamed up to create an exciting project for micro players. They have released 1/6 scale action figures featuring the battle sisters Rirua and Kina.

    The collaboration aims to create a new world for the battle sisters, allowing fans to immerse themselves and form a deeper connection with the characters. It brings surprises and excitement, providing a memorable experience for action figure enthusiasts and fans of Rirua and Kina.

     Box Contents

    • Kina Ookami figure
    • 2 Head sculpts
      • With Horns
      • Without Horns
    • 4 Pairs of hands
    • Black jacket
    • Red waist bag with sword belt
    • Black navy shirt
    • Neckie
    • Black pleated skirt
    • Pair of wide shoulder armor
    • Pair of arm armor
    • Pair of sports socks
    • Pair of sports shoes
    • Short blade
    • Blue handle Katana
    • Black handle Tanto
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