The Ring Bishoujo 15th Anniversary Sadako

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Beräknat releasedatum: 2025-06
Artikelnummer: 20255
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  • Storlek: 17 cm
    Karaktär: Sadako
    Franchise: The Ring
    Produktserie: Bishoujo
    Leverantör: Kotobukiya
    Skala: 1:7
    Material: PVC, ABS

    "The BISHOUJO series finally reaches its 15th anniversary!

    For this momentous occasion, Kotobukiya is adding one of the biggest icons of Japanese horror to the HORROR BISHOUJO lineup-Sadako! Shunya Yamashita has once again lent his talent to stylize the delicate expression on this BISHOUJO.

    To honor the standard expression that fans often see with Japanese ghosts, she can be displayed with long black hair covering her face. To make for an even more luxurious set, yet another replacement part is included that shows a beautiful eye with a seemingly lonely expression peeking out from under her hair. With these expressions, fans can select what level of horror they want this statue to be.

    Her iconic white dress utilizes clear parts to recreate the appearance of skin that shows through a thin garment after becoming wet from the water in the well. Her finger and toenails are peeled off from scratching and scrabbling inside the well, making for a painted style that almost seems like a red manicure.

    The design depicts a scene where Sadako seems to float using her strong psychic powers, hovering above a pile of videotapes. The immense amount of unraveled tape being pushed out of the cassettes can also be freely arranged around the statue. For extra decoration, two rolls of spare tape are included wrapped inside of a videotape-styled box so fans can use any amount they prefer to decorate this piece.

    To add to these features, something a little bit different from the rest is hidden among these videotapes. Add her to your collection today to find out what this piece holds!

    Included for KOTOBUKIYA Shops and Official Overseas Distributors:
    ·Horror Face Part"

    It stands approx. 17 cm tall and comes in a window box.

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