Macross Frontier Plastic Model Kit 1/20 PLAMAX MF-69 Minimum Factory Alto Saotome With VF-25F Decal Set

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Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-01
Artikelnummer: 10745
Storlek: 9 cm
Karaktär: Alto Saotome
Franchise: Macross
Produktserie: PLAMAX
Leverantör: Max Factory
Skala: 1:20
Material: Plastic
Typ: Plastic Model Kit

 Product Description

Presenting a 1/20 scale plastic model of the protagonist of Macross F, Alto Saotome from Max Factory. The model features articulated joints, a first for the minimum factory series, enabling a variety of display options, including both sitting and standing poses. The model also comes with different hand parts for holding the throttle and control stick, as well as a hand part to creating a saluting pose.

Enjoy creating your own unique display with the minimum factory Fighter Nose Collection VF-25F. A set of decals for the PLAMAX MF-51 minimum factory Fighter Nose Collection VF-25F is included as well. Make sure to add this model kit to your Macross collection!

 Box Contents

  • Pieces to build Alto Saotome
  • VF-25F decals
  • Instructions
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