Mado King Granzort Metamor-Force Granzort

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Beräknat releasedatum: 2023-07
Artikelnummer: 8459
Storlek: 14 cm
Karaktär: Granzort
Franchise: Madou King Granzort
Leverantör: Sentinel
Material: Plastic, die-cast

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 Product Description

The supreme Granzort proudly presented by Sentinel METAMOR-FORCE series!

This is a gem which emphasizes the image in the animation and adding lots of articulation and transformation gimmicks while keeping the overall balance of the robot at the same time.

Part of the body is made of die-cast to give weight. This series is expected to go on so it is deliberately made to be just the right size for a collection. Display stand also recreates magic circle.

 Box Contents

  • Granzort figure
  • Alternate hand part
  • Eldy Kaiser sword
  • Stand