Mazinger Z Soul of Chogokin GX-105 Mazinger Z (Kakumei Shinka)

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Beräknat releasedatum: 2023-03
Artikelnummer: 7426
Storlek: 16 cm
Karaktär: Mazinger Z
Franchise: Mazinger Z
Produktserie: Soul of Chogokin
Material: Plastic, Die-cast

Frequently Asked Questions

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the debut of Mazinger Z on television comes this totally revised and re-sculpted edition of the Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z. Elbows open to reveal firing mechanisms, and swappable parts let you re-create "rocket punch" scenes. Re-engineered thigh and knee joints allow for natural posability. Also includes stomach missile and Jet Scrander options.

  • Box Contents

    • Mazinger Z figure
    • Hover Pilder
    • Missile Punch stomach option
    • 3 Missile Punch warheads
    • Jet Scrander
    • Jet Scrander belt
    • Optional hands