Frame Arms Girl Sousai Shojo Teien Ao Gennai Wakaba Girls’ High School Winter Clothes Model Kit

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Artikelnummer: 14118
Storlek: 16 cm
Karaktär: Ao Gennai
Leverantör: Kotobukiya
Skala: 1:10
Material: Plastic

 Product Description

Ao Gennai, the main character of the anime series Frame Arms Girl, is now available as a plastic model kit in Wakaba Girls' High School winter clothes! The model is launched as part of the SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN series, an easy-to-build plastic model kit series designed for first-time builders.

Her various facial expressions have been made using the pre-painted face parts.
Display it along with the After School Gourai Birthday Set launched simultaneously, and recreate your favorite scenes from the anime!

 Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Ao Gennai
      • 2 Hairstyle parts
      • 5 Pre-painted face parts (Standard, Smiling, Blushing, Smug, Cartoonish)
      • 5 Unpainted face parts compatible with Frame Arms Girl (Standard, Smiling, Blushing, Smug, Cartoonish)
      • 2 Skirt Parts (Standard and Sitting)
      • 10 Hand Parts 
        • V Sign
        • Gripping (for Nipper)
        • Gripping (Standard)
        • Gripping (Narrow)
        • Gripping (Wide)
        • Gripping (round)
        • Fist
        • Finger Pointed
        • Open (Left and Right Each)
      • Bare feet set
    • Smartphone
    • Nipper
    • School bag
  • Facial expression decal sheet
  • 6mm Diameter Neck Part for Megami Device Model
  • Display base
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