Super Sonico Tenitol Super Sonico

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  • Artikelnummer: 7975
    Storlek: 19 cm
    Karaktär: Super Sonico
    Franchise: Super Sonico
    Produktserie: Tenitol
    Leverantör: FuRyu
    Material: PVC, ABS

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Product Description

    Includes a newly sculpted gorgeous pedestal! Sonico in Rider Suit!

    From FURYU's new affordable figure brand "TENITOL" comes a figure of Super Sonico!

    The figure is based on the prototype that has been used for prizes in the past, but the colors have been renewed, and it comes with a newly sculpted gorgeous pedestal.
    The figure is a low-priced yet high-specification figure.

    The body line shown in the pose is very attractive!
    The gradation of her hair and two-tone coloring are also well reproduced.
    Her breasts can be seen from the front. Her expression is also finished in a cute way.

     Box Contents

    • Super Sonico figure