Urusei Yatsura Lum & Ten Box Cafe & Space Collaboration

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  • Beräknat releasedatum: 2024-04
    Artikelnummer: 10388
    Storlek: 20 cm
    Karaktär: Lum & Ten
    Franchise: Urusei Yatsura
    Leverantör: Design COCO
    Skala: 1:7
    Material: PVC, ABS

     Product Description

    From the TV anime "Urusei Yatsura", Lum and Ten are now 1/7 scale figures. This three-dimensional item designed specifically for the figure and based on the newly drawn illustrations thoroughly expresses Lum's slightly mischievous smile, beautiful hair that is transparent with clear material, a delicate style that seems to break when hugged, and a soft skin texture. Beside him, Ten is also lovingly cuddling. Please invite the overwhelming quality "Lum & Ten" created by the creators of Design Coco with enthusiasm to "create the cutest rum".

    Illustrations drawn for figures Design Coco produced a "Lum & Ten life-size figure" for "Urusei Yatsura Collaboration Cafe" handled by BOX café & space. As if the two of them had jumped out into the real world, the fusion of 2D and 3D attracted a lot of attention. Instead of scaling down the data of the life-size figure as it is, Design Coco reviews it from the 3D model and thoroughly brush up the proportions, modeling, and coloring of the whole body according to the scale of the figure.

    Exceptionally cute expression Lum, who smiles with a slightly mischievous expression, is exceptionally cute! The characteristic green long hair is carefully shaped even with complex hair flows, and is transparent and beautiful with clear material and gradient painting. Proportions that make you fall in love with The delicate and beautiful proportions of the ram and the soft skin texture are also carefully shaped and colored.

    Adorable Ten Beside Lum, Ten also three-dimensionalizes with adorable gestures. Comes with an original design pedestal. The pedestal made of clear material shines fantastically and faintly by installing it on top of LEDs and lighting fixtures (LED and lighting equipment not included).

    The best finish from any point of view Lum's cute smile, soft skin texture. Complex and beautiful hair flow. Cute Ten... etc The finish is impressive from any angle. Cute Lum & Ten at your fingertips

     Box Contents

    • Lum & Ten figure
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